Belt & Road News Digest : March 2018

China SCO Headquarters | 11th March, 2018 SCO Countries Youth League  On 11 November 2016, Russian student Victoria Khu delivered a speech at the SCO Headquarters and proposed to unite young minds from the SCO countries on a single platform, which later was named as SCO Countries Youth League.

Belt & Road News Digest : August 2016

Belt & Road News Digest: August, 2016 Hong Kong HKG HQ | 1st Aug, 2016 Yvonne Choi Ying-Bik Appointed as Belt & Road Commissioner Yvonne Choi Ying-Bik, who served in several administrative roles in the government

Belt & Road News Digest : April 2016

Hong Kong Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery | 12th Apr, 2016 Hong Kong Opened First B&R Themed Art Exhibition Organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Women and curated by Pansy Ho, the “One Belt One Road Visual Arts Exhibition 2016” was

Belt & Road News Digest : March 2016

China & Hong Kong Hainan & Hong Kong | 27th Mar, 2016 Hong Kong May Join AIIB By Year’s End At this year’s Boao Forum For Asia that took place in Sanya of Hainan province, president of the AIIB, Jin Liqun, said that Hong Kong may be able to join the AIIB as a sub-sovereign…

Belt & Road News Digest : January 2016

Hong Kong Hong Kong | 13th January, 2016 Spotlight on Belt and Road in Policy Address In the recently published policy address, Chief Executive CY Leung has taken a substantial part to

Belt & Road News Digest : November 2015

Belt & Road News Digest : November, 2015 Asia Hong Kong | 14th Nov, 2015 Chinese Economist Suggests RMB Bond As HKEx’s Chief Economist of China Ba Shusong attended a B&R forum held in Hong Kong few days ago, he pointed out that the scale of exchange between Renminbi and other currencies

OBOR News Digest : 16th October, 2015

OBOR News Digest : 1st October – 16th October, 2015 Hong Kong Fitch Hong Kong | 14th Oct, 2015 Fitch : Internationalization of Chinese Banks Driven By B&R According to the latest report by the international ratings agency, the efforts by the Chinese government to send capitals abroad via overseas projects in the Belt and…

OBOR News Digest: 26th September, 2015

World United Kingdom & Xinjiang, China | 24th Sept, 2015 UK Government Prepares For OBOR UK Chancellor George Osborne announced that the China-Britain Business Council and the Foreign Office have launched a new study to set out opportunities, practical advice and chances to develop in various regions via funding streams including the AIIB for UK…