Research Paper on Aviation Silk Road


Within a short period of time, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road have both increased all levels of connectivity among nations, and more people are keen to know more about what the Belt & Road has to offer.

Albeit not being officially announced, there is in fact also an “Aviatic Silk Road” that has enormous potential. This paper aims to provide a perspective for Hong Kong to thrive in this Aviatic Silk Road.

Major Topics discussed:

  • Belt and Road Airport Hubs Distribution
  • Belt and Road Energetic Air Carriers
  • Case Studies
  • Hong Kong Aviation Industry Strengths and Advantages
  • Hong Kong Aviation Strategy in the Aviatic Silk Road


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17th October 2016


Commencement of the Silk Road Countries Financial Index development :

(Research Cooperation with China Business Centre)

In order to provide investors a comprehensible and comparable index that could act as a reference when investing the Belt & Road, the Silk Road Economic Development Research Centre is proud to announce our cooperation with the China Business Centre to study the financial market development in each individual country and publish the Silk Road Countries Financial Index (“the Index”).


Characteristics of the Index

  • Focuses on regional feature when compared to other financial indices:
  • this makes the Silk Road Countries Financial Index distinctive from current existing financial indices that are mostly focused on developed markets and on competitiveness
  • Mostly covering countries with financial markets that are yet to be developed 
  • The Index will be based mainly on bank interest, scale of securities market, futures market and insurance market, as well as market development and risk regulatory. The Index will also consider major factors such as financial infrastructure and the scale of real economy
  • Acts as a potential guide for individual governments when considering the direction and ways of developing their own financial markets, and also to display the financial market maturity of specific country and region for investors as a reference

We are currently at the initial stage of the research, which requires enormous time, manpower and financial resources. Please look forward to the publication of the Index in the future and follow our website closely for any updates.

30th October 2015


B&R Development in 2015


Topics discussed:

  • Is B&R more said than done?
  • The “short-term” Intentions of the B&R
    – Energy Security
    – RMB Internationalization
  • Other B&R Opportunities
  • Challenges & Uncertainties
    – Xenophobia, Political Instability, etc.

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30th July 2015