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6th June 2018


On 6th June 2018, Silk Road Economic Development Research Center held the Belt and Road Lunch Talk Series Topic III at the Bankers Club. Around 60 guests from prestigious political and business background attended this special event.

Technology nowadays has been advancing at an astounding pace, and plenty of corporates are also discovering business opportunities through technology. Therefore, we invited Mr. Nick Chan MH, to share his distinctive views on how to make use of technology to draw people closer along the Belt and Road. Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping also mentioned previously that we should purse innovation-driven development to create a digital silk road of the 21st century. Through technology, we can create a universal platform to promote business transactions and communication, such as AliExpress (Online Purchase Platform) and WeChat (Social Media and Payment Platform). On top of that, more business opportunities can be created through technology – analyzing big data to map out various consumer behaviors and social network activities can assist businesses find targeting customers. Besides, technology also helps building trust between corporates, such as avoiding fraud or delay by digital verification. Guests at the event showed enthusiasm in how corporates can explore business opportunities through technology, leading to a lively discussion with the speaker in the Q&A session.

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