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Introduction and Mission


The Belt and Road Initiative has become China’s most prominent universal public product that it has been able to render. The Initiative unveiled vast potential, prosperity, and has become an integral international cooperation platform. The development of infrastructures has been improving interconnection and an international passage by way of connecting Central, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other regions along the Belt and Road. Other than infrastructure, the areas of cooperation range from natural resources, logistics, communications, agriculture, finance, and tourism etc.

Inheriting the historical significance of the ancient Silk Road, a new duty was bestowed in the first half of the 21st century. A group of experts who has spearheaded the investment and exploration in the Silk Road Economic Belt long before the introduction of the Initiative have gathered together to welcome this duty. The group shares genuine faith and conviction in the future development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Since the establishment of the Silk Road Economic Development Research Center in 2014, the Center has provided a wide variety of
studies and support for the government, businesses, and associations.


Other than analyzing the future trend and impact of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Center is also able to provide propositions on how Hong Kong can integrate into the long term development of the Initiative. As stakeholder and participant of this Initiative, the Center hopes to gather like-minded experts to provide in depth analysis on the direction of the Initiative as a think tank, under the support of macro policies, to contribute by identifying opportunities for Hong Kong and illustrate with action the role that Hong Kong should embrace in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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